Monday, 26 February 2018

The Literary Dinner Party Tag!

The Literary Dinner Party Tag

I saw this post on Stories by Firefly! and it looked like so much fun!! Lets get started!

                                            1-// A Character who likes/can cook.
Annie McKay from Match Made and Bake Me a Match in the Lauren Holbrook series by Erynn Mangum! She was such a fun character!

                                   2-// A Character who has money to fund this party.
Well, duh, most definitely Marti from the Christy Miller series! And of course Bob too!

                                            3-// A Character that might cause a scene.
I'm going to have to say, Don and Cyril from the Millie Keith series, they are so unpredictable!!

                                             4-// A Character who is amusing.
Hmm.......hmm....maybe Lizzie Glick from the Lizzie Searches for Love Trilogy! I love those books very much! 

                                         5-// A Character who is super popular.
That's a hard one. oh wait..... Got one! Abigail, Rachel and Katherine will definitely recognize this one ;D Whitney Richards from Destination Unknown in the Roadside Assistance trilogy by Amy Clipston! The first two books, Roadside Assistance and Destination Unknown were amazing contemporary books!!

6-// One Villian. 
I'm not a fantasy person, I like more real-life books... oh oh oh, one the most *amazing* books ever!! But what was his name? *gets annoyed after 15 minutes of looking* Oh well, I was thinking of the awful villain in The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson but I thought of another one. Lord Claybrook from The Princess Spy in the Hagenheim series by Melanie Dickerson!1 But when Margeretha smacked him with the hidden candlestick... *sighhhhhh*!

                                         7-// One couple who doesn't have to be romantic.
I really thought Brandon and Lauren from the Lauren Holbrook series by Erynn Mangum were a fun team but they didn't end up getting married. They were so-oooo hilarious and crazy though! and with Hannah in the mix, that equals perfection!!

                                                                 8-// One Hero.
Uncle Ned from the Mandie series, he is ALWAYS the hero but its a fun series and really enjoyable. I'm actually rereading the ones that she's staying with Uncle Ned and Morning Star.

                                                   9-// One Underappreciated Character.
I'm going to choose an Amish book this time......Oh, Laura from Plain and Fancy by Wanda E. Brunstetter in the Brides of Lancaster County series. I got REALLY annoyed at her at times, she was quite spoiled and sassy at times but overall this was  great book!!

                                      10-// One Character of your own choosing.
Well I recently read the Andrea Carter, Circle C Adventures and Milestones and I LOVED them SO much! They were amazingly awesome!! Andi was such a fun hilarious awesome character!


This was such a fun tag! I'm going to tag Rebekah Ashleigh to do this tag-- I would love to see your answers!! {If you want!!} 

Thanks for reading! What was your favorite question?


Saturday, 24 February 2018

True Friends, by Robin Jones Gunn: A Book Review

Hey Y'all!  Today I'll be reviewing True Friends from the Christy Miller High School years!

                     True Friends, Christy Miller Book #7
         You can read the original single book, but its now out of print! {Pictured Below}
 Or you can read the one in the volume three along with Starry Night and Seventeen Wishes;)
  On to the review!! True Friends, Robin Jones Gunn Review:

Summary of this amazing book: 
An adventurous ski trip, a strained friendship, and a mysterious package all lead to a deeper understanding of what makes true friends. New twists and turns abound in Christy Miller's life as she finds herself on a ski slope in the arms of a handsome ski instructor.

My review:

This is another great Christy Miller Book! While Todd is off surfing in Hawaii, Katie decides she wants to try something new. Skiing. She talks Christy into joining the ski club with her and that’s how they end up going on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Things don’t go so well and Christy and Katie discover a secret the other girls from school are keeping. Christy and Katie try to show the directors what’s happening but they fail to do so when the girls find out they are caught. Katie and Christy aren’t the best of friends after some misunderstandings and such. They finally make up to each other and decide to head home early to avoid any more trouble. Christy and Katie find an awesome *package* in the mail and that was such a good part!!!!!!!!! The book ends with Rick and Doug visiting, Rick and Christy aren’t exactly the best of friends in this one because of what happened the year before. I would rate this book 5/5 stars since I enjoyed it very much, it was filled with action and adventure!

Favourite Characters:
-Christy Miller the main girl and her friend Katie!

Least Favourite Character;
-Definitely the three sassy rude girls.
Favourite Part:
-When they get the surprise package in the mail from who knows who? 😉

Leads Favourite part:
-When the girls hide the things from Director and they never get caught.

Negative Content:
-There is mentions of *SPOILERS!* vodka.


Welcome to Victoria's Book Nook!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Victoria's Book Nook. I will be doing book reviews, book related post and other fun stuff!1 I hope you enjoy reading future posts!