Thursday, 31 May 2018

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Thanks for the tag Rebekah!!!

1) What's the best Hallmark Christmas Movie you've seen?
  I really liked Finding Father Christmas, it just had a fun Christmas feel to it. :D 

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2) What's the best Hallmark movie you've seen?
  Ohhhh, hmm. I haven't watched many Hallmark movies actually! But I really enjoyed The Shunning. It's a lot like the book but I just found it a good Hallmark movie. :D 

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3) What's your favorite Hallmark Movie Season?

Ohhh. I recently started watching Hallmark, but I've really liked the June Wedding Season so far! We'll see if Christmas beats it ;P
4)  The last Hallmark movie you saw?

The Perfect Bride. It was pretty good, but some parts of it were rather cheesy ;D The only reason I watched it was bc Rosemary and Lee from WCTH!!
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5) Have you ever decided to watch a Hallmark movie based off it's title?

                  Yep, Unleashing Mr. Darcy. I didn't finish it though, it was pretty cheesy. AND yes,Ii started it bc MR DARCY!

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6) Do you like Hallmark murder mysteries? If so, which one?

No, i haven't watched any  :D

7) Favorite Hallmark movie series?
OH! Definitely When Calls The Heart! It's just so GOOD! Thanks for convincing me to start watching it again, Rebekah! :D :D

8) A Hallmark movie that had you dying of laughter??
Hmmm. Once Upon A Prince was SOOOOO CORNY!!!! It definitely made me LOL.
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9) Is there a Hallmark movie out that you haven't seen yet, but would like to?

AHHHH YES! I want to watch Campfire Kiss and A Chance At Romance.
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       10) Whats your most anticipated Hallmark Movie?
   The second Perfect Bride Movie. :D

Thanks again Rebekah! I tag:



  1. Ooh my dream post!! I love Hallmark movies. A perfect bride was sooo good...can't wait for the second one! A chance at romance is really good too. 😊

    1. Hahaha yes! You’d be perfect at it! Yes I really liked it! I just found out recently about the sequel—-can’t wait! Ooh I can’t wait to watch that one!!! Thanks for commenting, Katherine! :D

  2. Thanks for doing the tag, Victoria! I had fun reading your answers. :D
    Finding Father Christmas was a pretty good movie. I think I liked Engaging Father Christmas just a little better though, and I’m excited for the third one. :)
    The Perfect Bride is so fun. I just love that it has Lee and Rosemary in it! =)
    When Calls the Heart!! :D Oh you’re welcome. I didn’t realize I convinced you to start watching it again! ;D
    Both Campfire Kiss and A Chance at Romance are really good. I hope you enjoy them both!

    1. Yep haha! It was fun!
      Yes! I really liked them both!! I’m going to re-watch them before the third one comes out!!
      Haha yes! I hadn’t watched it in over a year and then you convinced me to start watching it again! It’s so good. :D
      Ooh yes!! I can’t wait to watch those two! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm not a fan of hallmark movies, but my Opa secretly is, he'll turn them on when I'm over and says he'll watch them with me, but he always enjoys them way more than me. >.<

    Although, I agree that Finding Father Christmas was good! I liked that one. :D

    1. Hahaha, I’ll admit they can get a bit too cheesy for me! XD that’s good! Haha, they are fun movies!!!
      Ooh yes!! I liked that one too, I can’t eist for the third one!!


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