Monday, 25 June 2018

{ Some of My Favorite Booktubes }

Hey y'all! It is Monday and that means a fun, bookish post! Today I'll be sharing some of the best BookTubes out there, preferably Christian Fiction ones because that's basically what I Read. ;D

What is Booktube You Ask?

From Wikipedia Article, "Booktube": 
     "BookTube refers to the group of content creators on YouTube that film videos based on books. Similar to beauty gurus or gamers, BookTubers are a specific subset of the YouTube community."

So yes, a Booktube is a Youtube channel that mainly focus's on books. Very entertaining!!

Okay, now, onto My Fave Booktube's.....

                                Shantelle Mary.

                          One of her videos, Re-Introducing Shantelle Mary. ;D

Shantelle Mary! Yesss! It always makes me so happy to see one of her video's in my feed. :D Her videos are very well done, professional and so fun!!

                                     Lindsey From BFCG.

                                    One of her videos, Favorite Christian Books.

Next, Lindsey From BFCG! I love her channel! Again, her videos are very professional and its so fun to see what books she recommends. :D 


For The Love of Christian Fiction.

One of her videos, April Book Haul.

For The Love of Christian Fiction, is fun too! I recently started watching it after seeing her around on Instagram. ;D Its always fun to see what books she's recently read and what she thought of them.


                                   Jessi Dawn.

One of her videos, My Life In Books Tag.
I also recently discovered, Jessi Dawn's channel, and its been a lot of fun watching her videos! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                         Coffee and Chapters.

                           One, of her videos, Fall Recommendations.

Coffee  & Chapters. Her videos are also interesting, even though I haven't read a lot of what she recommends, I still watch her videos every now & then. ;D


                   Christian YA Books & More.

                            One of her videos, Top Five-Star Books of 2017.

Last, but not least, Christian YA books And More. Her channel is so much fun! She reads a lot of the same books as I do, and she's Canadian! Definitely go check it out. :D


Sooo, there's my endless booktube's! I'll admit I don't watch every single one of their videos except for Shantelle's and Lindsey's but Its fun to watch one every once in awhile. :D

QQOTD: Have you watched any of these? What are some of your favorite booktube's?



  1. I love booktube! I'm going to have to check these guys out!! :D

    I do follow Lindsey's channel. One of my favorite booktubers is InsaneReader. ^_^

    1. Aww enjoy girl! Yes! Lindsey’s videos are so fun. Oh yes, I’ve seen a few of his videos. ^_^ thanks for commenting!!

  2. I really like Lindsey and Shantelle’s videos. I always look forward to theirs. :)


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