Thursday, 28 June 2018

{ Whats Up In July / Victoria's Book Nook }

me: *writes June on the post title*
also me: *gasp* *wait, already JULY!?!?!?!?!?!*


Yes, that is correct! That title means Victoria Skipped Her June Wrap Up Again!!

Welp, anywayyyyysss, today June 28th ( *cough cough* the 27th actually!), I will be sharing what I'm doing in July! *accidentally writes June again* *growls*

There's a LOT going on in July (Almost, write June again!! *sigh* ) Which is why I'm not going to be posting for two weeks, maybe three! *goes to check calendar* Wait, nope, just two. On Monday I will be having a book review and that is scary bc I HAVE NOT FINISHED THE BOOK!!!!


So, On July 8th, me and my sister are driving down to a Bible Camp and staying there for a week. I've been before and its pretty fun, with cabins to stay in and lots of fun activities. My older sister is actually counselling there with my cousin. :D I'm also super excited to see one of my best friends, aka, the other half of my bookstagram, SOPHIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's actually driving all the way here, which will take a week! She's leaving on Saturday and will arrive the Saturday after that. :D :D :D

After that, the fam is going to drop my two younger sisters off for a Girls Camp, where my other sister is junior counselling and me and Soph are driving back to my house for a few days which will be a blast!!

The week after that is the fair which is usually fun with the Midway, chuckwagon's (okay, okay, not the most entertaining thing e v e r....but stilllllll), and ahhh food!! I'm just about as bad with ice cream as Julia Ryan!!! *smirk smirk* We actually got my adorbes lil kitty, Beari (aka Bon-Bon, Bearilou, Bearld, Merry which is her real name lol, Mer-Mer, and a whole bunch of others!!) at the fair a couple years ago.

I also have a couple, *coughhhhh* thats an understandment, a lot of review books to read XD I will be posting a bunch of reviews after i come back from blogging hiatus, I will warn you!!

Okay, okay, CYA ALL on Monday and the Thursday b4 I leave!! BYE!
QQOTD: What are y'all up to in July?? Any Campin'?? 



  1. Sounds like you are going to have a fun June...I mean JULY!!! ;D Great wrap up post!

  2. It sounds like you have lots of fun stuff planned for July, Victoria! Have lots of fun and make some wonderful memories! :D

  3. Sounds like July is going to be a lot of fun!
    I'm just volunteering at church camps, but I love little kids. >.<

    1. Yes! OOH fun!! Have a blast, Gray!! :D ^-^


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