Friday, 31 August 2018

{ Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn Review // Victoria's Book Nook }

The long awaited review has arriveddddd!!  [ Long waited as in two-three weeks. xD ] Today, I'm going to be reviewing a favorite book, Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn.

Robin Jones Gunn actually just released audiobooks for the first three Christy Miller: High School Years and I excitedly checked the first one out on our e-library app.

The Audiobook Cover.

The narrator was perfect for Summer Promise. She had the same voice I would imagine Christy having, so I thoroughly enjoyed it on that note!

Surprisingly enough, I got a lot more out of it then when I read it! I reread it in February and now as I listen to it, I feel like I missed so many parts! When I first read the Christy Miller Collection One, Christy seemed a bit whiny and annoying, but she grew up a lot going into the series.

The book starts off with Christy in California, where she's staying with her Aunt and Uncle. I love the setting! It's a really unique story!

Summer Promise [ and the rest of the High School years ] deals with some hard topic's such as drugs, when Christy is invited to a party without knowing it wasn't her typical kind of party and encounters several people doing drugs and she is horrified and leaves the party.
Later, the same night of the party, Todd's friend Shawn is out of it and ends up crashing into the jetty and killing himself. Christy's friend, Alissa also has a baby out of wedlock which sounds terrible, but Alissa turns her life totally around later in the series and it's actually used for good to direct Alissa to God.

Tracey was also such a sweet awesome character that I LOVED and she easily became a favorite character!

There are many lessons in this book, about making wise choices that are honorable and smart. Throughout the book Christy learns many things about the world and life and I liked how it taught Christy many lesson's I don't usually see in book these days!

This was a Christian Fiction book published by Bethany House, and I felt it was one of their best ones that had a good inspiring message that I often don't see in their books anymore!
One of my favorite parts was when, Christy and Todd go to Disney Land for her birthday, I thought it was just a fun part of the book. I also liked that Christy wasn't perfect and lost her temper and had haughty or rude thoughts but later correct herself.

One thing I didn't like was that Todd basically had a halo hanging over his head, he seemed PERFECT with a Capital P. Buttttt keep reading in the series y'all bc sometime he acts like a total idiot and grates on your nerves! I also wasn't sure what to think of all the negative content, but I  liked that Robin Jones Gunn encountered the world and didn't shield the characters from it and make them have perfect lives.


Summer Promise Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Anyways, in a few weeks, I'm going to read the next two books, A Whisper and A Wish and Yours Forever. Sorry for such a long rambly review, I feel like my thoughts were really scattered with this one!

Friday, 24 August 2018

{ What's Up With My 2018 Reading Challenge?! 0.0 // Victoria's Book Nook }


Okayyyyy, Hey Y'alllllll! I was absolutely clueless on a post for today and I FINALLY decided on a post. WHAt's Up WIth My 2018 Reading Challenge....Am I Behind Or Ahead?? And this is kind of a twist on the Mid Year Freakout Tag...xD 

Wellll. I am actually ahead by THIRTY TWO BOOKS. WHATTTTT. My overall reading challenge was to read 120 books this year and I'm at 109 books so far this year. Huh. That's weird bc I read like 120 last year and wasn't ahead thisss muchhh. I'm really hoping to hit 150 or 160 by the end of the year tho and review a bunch of books. Anywaysss, onto the Q+A part . . .

 e a s y  p e a s y.  The Millie Keith: A Life Of Faith series by Martha Finley, Revised by Kersten Hamilton. SO AMAZING Y'ALL. And I am so incredibly sad bc I just need the last two books and I'll have the entire series but they are OH SO EXPENSIVE. x'D

Kk. I needa check Goodreads first to see . . . OOH. The Hawaiian Discovery by Wanda Brunstetter. UGH, hand me the garbage. This was a terrible piece of trash and I could barely finish it but [#goalsyall], I did so it would count towards my reading challenge xD xD xD xD

Welp, this was the large print edition but Sophie's Dilemma by Lauraine Snelling. It was a whole 593 pages, yeahhhh. I actually read it in two or three days surprisingly too. Huh.

The Missing Piece by Libby May. This was such a great short story and it was only ten pages. Heheh. xD

I just checked and WOW Y'ALL. 20,996 pages. Almost 21,000. WHATTTT.

The Penderwicks At Last. I loved it, and the classical feel to it butttt it felt like it lacked the Penderwick Feel of the other books. And Also my favorite character didn't marry who I wanted her to marry so I was SO SO SO SAD.


ANDDDD that's a wrap y'all. Next weekend, I'm moving my room so I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! And Also, coming up on the blog next Friday is a review of SUmmer Promise [hopefully!], so I am reallllyyy excited. 


Until Next Time...

Friday, 17 August 2018

{ Baby Name Challenge // Victoria's Book Nook }

Hey y'all! As promised, I'm back with yet another tag. This time its, not anything book related, a Baby Name Tag. Thanks for the tag, Natasha and Shantelle!

1 // What are your favorite boy and girl name from the top 100 of the year?

*goes to check what the top 100 names are* probably Madelyn + Maverick. (I could not think of ANY boy names! So I finally decided on a really unusual one. xD)

2 // What are your least favorite boy and girl name from the top 100 of the year? 

Definitely Delilah for a girl, and Muhammad for a boy. (I echo Natasha on this one!)  I also really dislike the name Valentina! 

3 // If you had twins, what would you name them?
Girls: Hmm. I didn't really know, but I think Eliza and Ellissa would be fun names for girl twins.
Boys: For boys, I don't really know either.....I think Maverick and Mason. I really like how unusual they are!
Boy and Girl: Julia and Jackson, Julia is one of my favorite names!

4 // If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?
I like my name, but if I had to change it, it would probably be Valerie or Maddy. xD

5 // If you had four children, any gender, all with the same letter, what would their names be?

This was realllyyyy hard deciding on a letter! 
Girl: Natasha.
Girl: Natalie (or Natalia)
Boy: Noah. 
Boy: Nathan.

6 // What is your favorite animal inspired name?

I love this question! Madigan, which means 'little dog' for a boy and Vanessa, which means 'butterfly' for a girl.

7 // What is your favorite color inspired name?
Rusty (*smirk smirk*) I have a cousin my age named Rusty, short for Russell! ;), for a boy which is a shade of red, and for a girl, Jade or Hazel. :D

8 // What are your top three favorite boy names?

Oliver, Alexander, and Bradley. This was really hard!! 

9 // What are your top three favorite girl names?
Hmm. Natasha, Christy, and Maddy! Those are probably my top favorites. :P

10 // What is your favorite month inspired name?
For a girl, April, is one of my favorite names, and its a month. For a boy, probably August. I don't really like the rest of the names of the months for boys. xD

11 // Choose a name from a movie.
 EMMAAAA! From the Emma movie, based on the book by Jane Austen. *heart eyes* Or Amy, from Little Dorrit which I just recently watched and AH IT'S AMAZING!

12 // Choose a name that is already in your family.
Sophie,  a first cousin and also one of my best friends!

13 // Choose a name from a book.
Girl: Olive, from Porch Swing Girl by Taylor Bennett, which I have yet to read!
Boy: Gabehart, from The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson.

Thanks for the tag, I had a lot of fun with it! Be sure to subscribe to read more posts like this and follow my bookstagram. :D
I'm going to tag:
and Rachel J. my cousin ;D
Andddd whoever else wants to!!


{Special thanks to Natasha O. for some name suggestions! xD}

Friday, 10 August 2018

{ The Hope Of Azure Springs Book Review // Victoria's Book Nook }

Hey y’all! As promised, I am back with a new review on a fabulous post! Next week, I’ll be doing a Tag I got tagged for ages ago by two people so it’s about time I do it! 😂 👌🏼

The Hope Of Azure Springs By Rachel Fordham Synopsis.

“Seven years ago, orphaned and alone, Em finally arrived at a new home in Iowa after riding the orphan train. But secrets from her past haunt her, and her new life in the Western wilderness is a rough one. When her guardian is shot and killed, Em, now nineteen, finally has the chance to search for her long-lost sister, but she won't be able to do it alone. 

For Azure Springs Sheriff Caleb Reynolds, securing justice for the waifish and injured Em is just part of his job. He's determined to solve every case put before him in order to impress his parents and make a name for himself. Caleb expects to succeed. What he doesn't expect is the hold this strange young woman will have on his heart.”

My Review.

AH. What an amazing book !! Definitely my new favorite historical book.
Things I Loved: 
-I love the day-to-day life in Azure Springs, that was displayed in the book. I would love to live in that time period so it gave the reader a great experience. 
-Now onto the plot, the oh, so amazing plot. I loved the mystery so much, it kept me turning pages late into the night. I also listened to the audiobook when I couldn’t read, or had to wash dishes and the narrator was amazing! She was perfect for the book.
-Em’s character, was so fabulous! I absolutely loved the whole orphan train thing that the author didn’t smooth over and make it sounds good when it wasn’t. She was spunky and plain, which I loved to see! It seems like all characters in books are drop dead gorgeous without a blemish which really irritates me. 
-Eliza! Tbh I loved Eliza and the story wouldn’t be as amazing without her. >.< she made the story entertaining since she was as sassy brat but I really loved how she changed towards the end. 
-Caleb was such a fun character and his story! I loved the uniqueness of it. 
-The three questions Caleb got to ask Em after winning a bet, AH SO PERFECT. Like YUS. 
Mae and Millie !! Awww they were some of my favourite characters. 
The ending. SO PERFECT. And TRAGIC. 😭😍👌🏼
-The Epilogue. AHHH. So amazing! I love love love how it ended. Now. Where’s my sequel?!?!

Things I Disliked: 
-this was published by a Christian Publisher but I didn’t really see much Christian Content in it?? Em prayed, Verses were mentioned but nothing much then that. 
-I wish we saw more of Eliza. Heehee! This sounds really bad, but I loved Eliza’s character! 
-There was a little bit of a Love Triangle which I dislike but it got sorted out quickly and wasn’t complicated. 

4.5/5 Stars. I’m so excited for the authors other books !! 👏🏻😄

Sunday, 5 August 2018

{ Goodbye July, Hello August: aka IM BACK! / Victoria's Book Nook }

Hiiiiiii againnnn. I know I was supposed to be back several weeks ago but I really didn’t feel like blogging since it’s not exactly my favorite thing to do....xD Its fun but just it gets frustrating lolol.

Camp was GREAT. I loved it !! I’m really excited for next year and hopefully staying for another week of helping out at the Girls Camp.

We also went to the country fair for all three days and it wasn’t very exciting, I’ll admit! Waiting for my siblings and cousins to get off of rides at the midway and going to stand in line for rides after that wasn’t exactly entertaining.... I did enjoy the horse racing and such tho. And food. Allllll the fooood. But the heat *dies*

Seeing Soph was f a b u l o u s. We did an insta live and it was so much fun! btw, did you join innnnnn??

ANYWAY. I tried to add pictures but #allthemhtmlcodes *sighhhh* On another topic, I'm getting a new laptop for school, anddddd it will be perfect for making videos and blogging. and uploading all three thousand pictures on my iPod lolllllllll.


On another note, we have ANOTHER new blogging schedule....heehee. Again. Every Friday, perhaps twice a week at times but since I have school soon, I won't have much time for blogging. And I'm going to do a lot less book reviews on books I didn't like and more books I loveeeee.


Well, Whats up in August, you ask. SOMETHING VERY EXCITING, EEEKKKK!!!! First of all, tomorrow, we're moving my sister, Melanie's, trailer full of stuff (aka junkkkk she hoards xD), tomorrow morning to her new apartment and then my sister was staying with my aunt for the week so we'll pick her up too.
My other sister, Emily is moving to another province for college, so my parents will drive her and her junk down there and fly back. She has a lot of stuff and a teeny car so I have no idea how she's gonna make it all fit.

EXCITING NEWS GUYS. I'm moving into her old room which has a lovely closet with so much space for MY junk, a lovely queen size bed, a lovely bathroom, and I'm moving FIVE lovely bookshelves in there too! It's going to be perfectly lovely and of course, I'll have a new room tour in September!!

And also, since its almost September, I'm rereading the Christy Miller College Years like every year [LOL] and I'm going to try and review them! Would you be interested in reading my review on the Christy Miller series [High School, College, Married, and Baby Years]??


OOH. One more thing before I head off, Robin Jones Gunn's new book, Becoming Us, is coming out May 9th, 2019!!

Image result for becoming us robin jones gunn

Becoming Us Description:

"Five young moms, including beloved Gunn character Christy Miller, gather to share meals and soon become unlikely best friends. The regular gatherings provide opportunities for the women to reveal their stories, and those life stories endear them to each other. They experience their lives naturally meshing as they raise their children together in community. In Becoming Us the group find ways to challenge, encourage, and help each other become the nurturing mothers they wished they'd had when they were growing up. They unite to be remembered for what they do as moms and not for what was done to them."

I can't wait! And isn't the cover gorgeous?? Anyways, see ya on Friday!!