Friday, 26 October 2018

[ River To Redemption by Ann H. Gabhart Review // Victoira's Book Nook ]

I know, I know . . . your probably thinking ANOTHER book review?? Butttt I have so many books that I need to review!! xP
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    River To Redemption by Ann H. Gabehart
I was VERY surprised by this book! I got it back in July and finally picked it up. the first seven chapters were quite boring to me and I almost DNF-ed it when it fast forwards to when Adria Starr, the young girl who lost her parents in the Cholera Epidemic, is 19. I was incredibly excited and the story really picked up.
I loved Adris so much! She was such a great spunky character. 
Louis and Matilda were so amazing too! I was so shocked at the end when it revealed Louis was a real person!! I just loved his character. 
Logan was an idiot and I hated him to know end for the last chapters. I thought for sure that he and Adria would get married and when he turned horrible and idiotic, literally my face: 😨🤔😭
The ending. I am so happy. FINALLY, Revell published a book where *SPOILER* the character doesn’t get married at the enddddd! !! Yussss. 
5/5 stars. I really really loved this book!! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and added RTR to your TBR. 🙌🏻😄

Friday, 19 October 2018

[ I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel Review // Victoria's Book Nook ]

Hey guys! So I'm back with a book review today, and its on a very good book indeed!

I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel was such a witty relatable book that I instantly loved when I read the first few pages. Anne's stories were so hilarious and I found my self relating to her a lot. Espcially on the hobby of reorginzing my bookshelves...heh.

I loved Anne's taste in reading and her idea's about it. It was a very fresh and book that I really enjoyed!

I only had a few dislikes. One was, I didn't like that Anne read a lot of books that were very secular and not a lot of Christian Fiction yet this was published by a Christian publisher. It was a huge deal but it bothered me a bit.

One thing I really appreciated was that Ann didn't brag about reading so much or being a huge reader but she simply stated she loved books. I extremely appreciated that!

Something I found really hilarious was the part about John and his Allergies when her class was reading "Where The Red Fern Grows" , I thought that part was quite humorous!

Overall, this was a lovely, relatable book that I would recommend to anyone who is a huge reader and is up for a laugh!

***Special thanks to Baker Publishing for sending me a lovely hardcover copy of I'd Rather Be Reading By Anne Bogel!***

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Friday, 12 October 2018

[ A Collab With My Cousin // Victoria’s Book Nook ]

Hey guys! I have a fun post for you today, a Q+A with my friend and cousin, Rachel. Enjoy! (She’s asking Questions, I’m answering !!)

1. If you could write a sequel to any one of your favorite books, which one would it be? 
Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. That book was absolutely amazing, and if there was a sequel about Avery and Rill, I would adore it! I’m pretty sure I would fail at writing it though —— I’m not the best writer exactly!! 😉 

2. Who's the better author: Robin Jones Gunn or Erynn Mangum? 😉

Rachel! This question is horrible! 😂 I feel like Robin Jones Gunn’s books are AMAZING, and I love the characters so, so much but I feel like I don’t love her style of writing. It’s very simple but very captivating. Erynn Mangum has some incredible characters too, and she has a very heartwarming writing style. I feel like, I like Erynn Mangums a wee bit 
more, but both are my go-to authors when I need a book I can trust that’s good! 🙌🏻😄 

3. Would you rather read sappy romance or wacky fantasy? 

Oh yikes. Both would be so horrible to write. I know this is strange but I’d rather read a sappy romance like Janice Thompson! I cry ally can’t stand brain-hurtingly strange fantasy!!! It drives me nuts! 

4. How many books have you read so far in October? 

I have read almost seven books so far this month. This month is off to a great start, considering almost all the books are more then 350 pages!! 

5. Favorite historical fiction book? 

Oooohhhhh. Such a hard one! I’d have to say *one* of my favorite historical fiction books is The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham. It was such a sweet story and it was definitely one of my favourites! **Full Review under the
 tab “Book Reviews”** 

6. Best book series you've read in the past year? 

Ahhhhh! There’s been sososo many! One of my absolute favourites is the Millie Keith series. It blew me away on how incredible those eight, short books were. All I can say is 

7. What's the worst/dumbest book you've read recently? 

Hmm. I haven’t read a “blegh” book in forever. I’ll go with a Amy Clipston book I just wasn’t enjoying, called Reckless Heart. It was pretty good but Lydia was very foolish sometimes and had some angry thoughts in her head about the situation she was in that I just didn’t appreciate. 

8. Would you rather read a book about a kid or an adult? 

Definitely an adult. I actually love to read Adult fiction even though my go-to genre is more young adult.

9. Do you like dialogue or description more in a book? 

Dialogue for sure! I actually get really tired of a book when an author puts too much description in a book. I like an even bit of both in books usually! 

10. Best drink to sip while reading? 

Sorry guys. Coffeeeeeee! But I have also been drinking more tea lately bc I’ve been to lazy to use the coffee machine but both are just the best! Some coffee is horrible and same with tea, but when it’s made right, I do love both.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! Next weeks post, is going to be TWO book reviews’ (So many reviews, so little time! 😂) 

Friday, 5 October 2018

{ Cool Beans by Erynn Mangum Review // Victoria's Book Nook }

Hey guys!  It's already Friday so that means a new post!! RN, I am currently rereading the Maya Davis Trilogy by Erynn Mangum I knew I absolute must review it on here! Soooo, here's my review of book one: Cool Beans!! Enjoy. :DD

                                           Cool Beans (Maya Davis, #1)

   Everything seems to be going perfectly for Maya Davis: She has a great job at a coffee shop, gets along with her parents, and is happily single. That is until her best friend starts dating Maya's high school sweetheart.
This funny, heartwarming fiction story by best-selling author Erynn Mangum uses the power of story to challenge teens to discover the relevance of faith in their relationships and their lives.

             // MY REVIEW //

This book was one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life. Like literally! When she announced book four, Room For Cream, I legit starting screaming!!!! It was entirely too relatable, exactly what an Erynn Mangum book should be! Maya Davis was a relatable, hilarious, sweet, fun-loving character that I grew to adore. I think what most appealed to me was the light heartedness of the book. It's the perfect book to relax with, no deep thinking necessary. 
I was absolutely hooked after the first thirty pages filled with my favorite little beagle, Calvin, Jen and Maya's crazy life including Cocoa Puffs and a million cups of coffee and the unique storyline. It was the perfect read! 
When Maya discovers her roommate, Jen is dating her old boyfriend, I was shocked. what a fabulous idea for a book1 I also loved that Travis doesn't recognize her until a good part through the book. AHHHHHH! 
The spiritual content in here was fabulous, just like every Erynn Mangum book I've read. Erynn seems to pick some sort of thing to teach the character in each of her books and in this one it was to trust God and I found she taught the lesson to Maya in a really good, realistic way. She didn't put the message across ina  preachy sort of way, which I really appreciated.
I also LOVED Liz and Andrew! Andrew was hilarious and so awkward and such a great character!
The whole crazy storyline was so appealing and fresh in the Christian Fiction world and I've never read a book quite like this one. A must-read fro everyone who enjoys a Contemporary with a splash of romance!!
See the source image

                                                               RATING: 5/5 stars.

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of the talented Erynn Mangum's books?? ;DDD